Q&A: What other math courses should I take before Calculus?

What other math courses should I take before Calculus?
Calculus I is a required course for the major I want in college; aerospace engineering. I am planning to take other math courses online at BYU if it would be best to. But I just need to know what other math classes are recommended to better understand Calculus I?

Here are the math classes I’ve taken so far:
General Math
Pre Algebra
Algebra II

Suggestion by Lewis G
you’ve taken pretty much everthing. i’d say pre-calculus or trigonmetry if they offer it at your school, but even know i’d say you’re prepared for calculus. honestly its not that hard though so don’t stress about it.

Suggestion by lovinit
usually, before taking calculus, your pre-req is usually college algebra. you’ve taken all the developmental courses leading up to college algebra, but have not taken it yet, and you may have to in order to get in to calculus. check your college’s aerospace engineering degree requirements- it usually spells everything out for you. good luck!

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Is finite math hard for someone who only knows algebra?
I have to take developmental courses in basic math & pre algebra. Then my choices for credit are Finite math or pre calculus algebra. Now, when I transfer to the 4 year college (Im at a cc right now) Pre calculus algebra wont transfer. Only finite math will. So will Finite math be hard for me if I never took calculus? I dont want to take the pre calculus class if it wont transfer.

Suggestion by MsMath
You do not need calculus to take finite math.

Some topics in finite math are algebra, matrices, probability, and linear programming.

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